Bikers represent 1.6% of traffic but 19% of those killed. To allow them to better anticipate the dangers, French Road Safety Organisation wanted to draw their attention to another approach to driving: the safety trajectory. On this project, I had the chance to help Romain Gauthier to realize the film. Once the artistic direction chosen, I realized the animation of few scenes in 3D, I did research on texturing / 2D graphic elements and I took care of the typographic animation. The desire to have an almost schematic 2D style in 3D was a real challenge for the time available.

Client : La sécurité routière
Agence : La chose
Réalisation & DA : Romain Gauthier
3D : Romain Gauthier & Simon Bodin-Joyeux
Texturing : Romain Gauthier & Simon Bodin-Joyeux
Compositing : Romain Gauthier
Animation Typographique : Simon Bodin-Joyeux


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